Please Don’t Tell Me the War is Over

March 6, 2013

Sometime in my distant memory, Brian offered to make war food for dinner. He said this as if I might have some sort of clue what I was talking about. Funny how that works, there are just those experiences in life that we all take for granted that were totally not a part of other people’s lives.

The first time Brian made war food, he used hot dogs. I liked it well enough, but I like to think we have evolved since then. Now I usually use bratwurst. Sometimes I use breakfast sausage. As we had only one package of brats left from our last pig, I had to use it for war food. It is impossible to split only 4 brats between 8 people without, well, starting a war….unless you make war food.

Why it it called war food? I have no idea. Brian thinks his mom told him it was a recipe from WWII. Maybe. The recipe would be easy for a farm family to make, probably equally easy for someone with a victory garden and a few laying hens. Not sure if it was something unique to Brian’s family or if war food was a common dish. It isn’t that complicated. You may have made it and called it something else.

Today’s lunch went like this. While the brats cooked in the oven, I fried a couple potatoes on the stove top. I chopped a bunch of fresh veggies to go as a side dish. My kids like raw veggies and will fight over who gets that last bell pepper (yes, I know bell peppers are not in season right now. Not much is in season right now, so we’re erring on the side of getting some raw veggies, even if they aren’t local/in season).

When the brats were done, I cut them into small pieces. I added the fried potatoes to the cast iron skillet where I had the brats. Then I turned on the flame and heated things up while I scrambled a dozen eggs. The eggs went right on top, with a smidge of salt, and I stirred it all over a medium heat until the eggs were set.

The kids dished up the war food and added their veggies on the side.

I must not be a very good food blogger because I didn’t get a picture before the war food was gone (does that count as a cease fire?).

Simple and filling food for a rainy March day.

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