Paying it Backward

September 7, 2013

This morning we got the opportunity to do something we haven’t done in a while–almost a year, in fact.

We went to a local farm and helped out on butchering day. I gotta say, butchering day at someone else’s house was way easier than I remembered it at our place. Maybe because Angela had breakfast waiting for us when we got there along with some stout coffee, and Brandon had everything set up.

When we first started farming, our friend Will came over several times to help with chickens. Along the way, others joined us from time to time. As we downsized our farm, we were especially grateful to have Brent and Janine and Rob and Jayme come over to help us get all the butchering wrapped up.

I always hear that term “pay it forward.” Well, to all of you who paid it forward and helped us out, just wanted to let you know….today we got to do a very small part to help out another small farm and IT FELT GREAT.




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