Goat Watch

March 2, 2012

Lily had twin goat kids last week. Yesterday Coconut went in to labor in the afternoon. Bella saw her when she went out to do afternoon chores. She came in to tell everyone, and by the time she was back, the kid had arrived. I wasn’t home yet, and I was so glad to see that my daughter knew what to do–just in case. No help was required, but my children were ready, just in case. So cool. We had a friend over, keeping an eye on things. I think she might have been a little alarmed at the prospect of goat birthing on her watch, but all worked out fine in the end.

We did see the new arrival finally get up to nurse, but it seemed like it took forever. Coconut has the smallest udder of the goats–even smaller than the ones who have not yet kidded. I squeezed out some colostrum, but it just doesn’t seem like she has a lot of milk. Last year, she weaned her kids early–they didn’t mind since there were udders everywhere, they just got a drink wherever they found one.

We’ll be keeping an eye on her for a few days to make sure she is able to produce enough for her kid. Coconut is a super attentive mother, so that is good. Lily has her two kids and she is kind of a goof. She will feed them, and she does pay attention to them, but nothing–and I do mean nothing–gets in the way of her eating.



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